Novels & Anthologies

  • When Parallel Lines Meet, a SF novel I co-wrote with Mike Resnick and Lezli Robyn, from Phoenix Pick.
  • Campaign 2100: Game of Scorpions – March, 2016 from World Weaver Press!
    the novel is a satire/drama that covers the election for president of Earth in the year 2100, where the whole world has adopted the American two-party electoral system, right after first contact, with an alien ambassador observing.

    • Here’s the review of “Scorpions” from SF Crow’s Nest, which includes: “There are so many good things in this novel that I’m bursting to share them but that would spoil it for the first time reader.” “Anyway, it’s a marvellous book. Easy reading, fast-paced, lots of surprise plot twists, likeable heroes, a loveable alien and a gripping climax that takes the election right to the wire. Highly recommended.”
    • Here’s the review of “Scorpions” from Abyss & Apex, which says, “Larry Hodges is a master of irony and slips in enough humor that it’s a great ride.”
    • “A tense, taut political thriller that rings much truer than you would suspect, given that it won’t be happening for another 8 decades.”
      Mike Resnick, 5-time Hugo winner, record 37-time nominee, and editor of Galaxy’s Edge
    • “Larry Hodges is an insightful political commentator and a kick-ass science-fiction writer. A dynamite novel full of twists and turns; this futuristic House of Cards is both entertaining and thought-provoking.”
      Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of Quantum Night
  • The Spirit of Pong (2015)
    • A table tennis fantasy where an American goes to China to learn the secrets of table tennis and ends up training with the spirits of past champions.
    • SPECIAL – read the first two chapters (17 pages) for FREE!
  • Sorcerers in Space (2013)
    • A parody of the 1960s space race, but with sorcerers instead of astronauts.
    • “Reading this book had me humming tunes from the 1960s, and smiling, for days.” –Abyss & Apex Review.
    • SPECIAL – read the first six chapters (46 pages) for FREE!
  • Pings and Pongs: The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of Larry Hodges (2010)
    • The 30 best short story sales of Larry Hodges as of 2010.
  • More Pings and Pongs: The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of Larry Hodges (2016)
    • The 25 best short story sales of Larry Hodges from 2010-2014.

Table Tennis Books (instructional)


Cover Stories (24)

  1. Compelling Science Fiction, Dec 2017 for “Redo”
  2. Galaxy’s Edge, Nov/Dec 2017 for “The Nature of Swords”
  3. Galaxy’s Edge, Sept/Oct 2017 for “Theater of Death”
  4. Space and Time Magazine, Spring, 2017, for “The Many Heads of Mr. Krup”
  5. Galaxy’s Edge, Jan/Feb 2017 for “Zombies Anonymous”
  6. Galaxy’s Edge, Sept/Oct 2016 for “Manbat and Robin”
  7. Galaxy’s Edge, Jul/Aug 2016 for “Penguins of Noah’s Ark”
  8. Galaxy’s Edge, Mar/Apr 2016 for “Pretty Pictures at War”
  9. Ares Magazine, October, 2015 (issue #3) for “Head or Heat”
  10. Space and Time Magazine, Spring, 2015, for “Leashing the Muse”
  11. Space and Time Magazine, Spring 2011 (issue #114) for “The Awakening”
  12. Penumbra Magazine, July 2012 for “The Dragon of the Apocalypse”
  13. Flagship Magazine, April 2012 for “The Oysters of Pinctada”
  14. Flagship Magazine, April 2011 for “Workshop Gods”
  15. Flagship Magazine, November 2010 for “”
  16. Beyond Centauri Magazine, July 2010 for “The Meteor Always Strikes Once”
  17. Beyond Centauri Magazine, April 2010 for “Mummy at the Bat”
  18. Beyond Centauri Magazine, January 2008 for “Counting Sheep”
  19. Dark Portals Anthology, October, 2009, for “Eternity and the Devil”
  20. Star Quake 1, 2012 for “Rationalized”
  21. Arkham’s Tales, August 2009, for “A Tale of Two Wizards”
  22. Aoife’s Kiss, March 2009, for “Dragon Cuisine”
  23. Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine, Spring 1990, for “Time to Diet”
  24. Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine, Summer 1989, for “Gremlin Gambits”

Short Stories (86 + 38 resales + 15 “twitter” sales)

  • “Satan’s Soul,” Galaxy’s Edge, forthcoming
  • “The Electrifying Aftermath of a Demon Thrice Summoned,” Galaxy’s Edge, forthcoming
  • Death, the Devil, and the President’s Ghost,” Galaxy’s Edge, forthcoming.
  • “The Untold Christmas Carol,” Galaxy’s Edge, forthcoming
  • Redo,” Compelling Science Fiction, Dec. 2017
  • The Nature of Swords,” Galaxy’s Edge, Nov/Dec 2017
  • “Theater of Death,” Galaxy’s Edge, Sept/Oct 2017
  • Running with the Dead,” Outstanding Outpost, Oct 28 (resale)
  • “Eternity and the Devil,” Flame Tree Time Travel Anthology, July, 2017 (resale)
  • “The Monkey Cage Rules,” Alternative Truths Anthology, April, 2017
  • “The Many Heads of Mr. Krup,” Space and Time Magazine, Spring, 2017
  • “Happily and Righteously,” Funny Horror Anthology, March, 2017 (Previously published at Blood, Blade & Thruster, Dec 2007)
  • “Zombies Anonymous,” Galaxy’s Edge, Jan/Feb, 2017
  • “Manbat and Robin,” Galaxy’s Edge, Sept/Oct, 2016
  • “Penguins of Noah’s Ark,” Galaxy’s Edge, July/August, 2016
  • A Snowball’s Chance,” New Myths, Sept, 2016
  • “First Cat,” Speculative Story Bites, August, 2016 (resale)
  • “Pretty Pictures at War,” Galaxy’s Edge, Mar/Apr 2016
  • Head or Heat,” Ares Magazine, November, 2015
  • “Leashing the Muse,” Space and Time Magazine, Spring, 2015
  • “Redcoats,” Abyss & Apex, Dec. 25, 2014
  • “The Roads to Hell,” Stupefying Stories, Nov. 14, 2014
  • Human Help Desk,” Abyss & Apex, July, 2013
  • Tyler’s Ten,” New Myths, June, 2013
  • “Better or Worse?”, Suddenly Lost in Words, May 23, 2013
  • The Devil’s Backbone,” After Death Anthology, Apr 2013
  • “Car Drive,” What’s Your Fancy anthology, Mar 2013 (resale)
  • “First Cat,” What’s Your Fancy anthology, Mar 2013 (resale)
  • “Eternity and the Devil,” What’s Your Fancy? Anthology, Mar 2013 (resale)
  • The Haunts of Albert Einstein,” Gotham Ghost Gazette, Jan 2013 (resale)
  • Running with the Dead,” Buzzy Magazine, Oct. 19, 2012
  • The Haunts of Albert Einstein,” Specter Spectacular: 13 Ghostly Tales, Sept. 25, 2012 (resale)
  • The Shaking Sphere,” Every Day Fiction, Sept. 22, 2012
  • Bonesy,” “Microsorce,” “Tom the Universe,” and “Eternity and the Devil,” Wildside Press Megapack Anthologies, Spring 2013 (resales)
  • The Dragon of the Apocalypse,” Penumbra, July 2012
  • A Meteor Will Kill You in Five Minutes,” Awards Weekend Collector’s Edition, May 2012 (resale)
  • In the Belly of the Beast,” Electric Spec, May 2012
  • The Sanctimonious Time Traveler’s Trap,” Quantum Muse, May 2012
  • The Oysters of Pinctada,” Flagship Magazine, Apr 2012
  • First Cat,” Cat Futures and Other Feline Fiction anthology, Apr 2012 (resale)
  • The Kitchen Debate,” Quantum Muse, Mar 2012
  • Willy and the Ten Trillion Chimpanzees,” Musa Publications, Mar 2012
  • Rationalized,” Story Quest, Mar 2012
  • Galahad Returns,” Weird Tales, (sold March, 2012, after nonstop headaches with them withdrew story in March, 2015)
  • Life and Death and Bongo Drums,” Every Day Fiction, Feb 2012
  • “Running with the Dead,” Through the Eyes of the Undead II (anthology canceled, but payment received)
  • One Brushstroke at a Time,” Something Good to Read anthology, Jan 2012 (resale)
  • The Meteor Always Strikes Once,” Dreamscapes Anthology, Dec 2011 (resale)
  • “The Hand of God,” 66 Twisted Tales Anthology, Fall 2011
  • “A Brush with Dirty Yellow Teeth,” 66 Twisted Tales Anthology, Fall 2011
  • Mirror My Love,” Quantum Muse, Oct. 10, 2011
  • You and We,” Quantum Muse, July 25, 2011
  • “Galactic He-Men and the Ultimate Demise of the Human Race,” At the Dot, Sept 2011
  • Tom the Universe,” Escape Pod, Apr 2011
  • Workshop Gods,” Flagship Magazine, Apr 2011 (cover)
  • The Awakening,” Space and Time Magazine, Spring 2011 (issue #114) (cover)
  • “Dragon Cuisine,” Dragon’s Quest Anthology, Spring 2011
  • “Out Came Death in an Explosion of Saliva and Curses,” to Carmine Tales Anthology, Spring, 2011(resale)
  • “An Earlier Inconvenient Truth,” Short Diversions Anthology, Spring 2011(resale)
  • “Reality Pills,” Sandi’s Sampler: A Tasty Blend of Speculative Fiction Anthology, Spring, 2011
  • One Brushstroke at a Time,” Every Day Fiction, Feb 2011
  • The Greeny at Old Smokey Lake,” Ray Gun Revival, Feb 2011
  • “Ping-Pong Ambition,” Before Kindle: Short Stories from Real Magazines,  2011 (resale)
  • “Car Drive,” Flagship Magazine, Jan 2011
  • “The Meteor Always Strikes Once,” Aoife’s Kiss, Dec 2010 (resale)
  •,” Flagship Magazine,Nov 2010 (cover)
  • “Out Came Death in an Explosion of Saliva and Curses,” Beyond Centauri, Oct 2010
  • Pruning for Gold,” New Myths, Sep 2010
  • “An Earlier Inconvenience Truth,” The Magic Hat Anthology, Fall, 2010 (resale)
  • “The Meteor Always Strikes Once,” The Magic Hat Anthology, Fall, 2010 (resale)
  • “The Meteor Always Strikes Once,” Joy’s Galaxy of Fun Anthology, Fall, 2010 (resale)
  • “The Haunts of Albert Einstein,” Beyond the Grave Anthology, October, 2010 (resale)
  • “First Cat,” Seeing Around Corners Anthology, Fall, 2010 (resale)
  • “The Meteor Only Strikes Once,” Beyond Centauri, July 2010 (cover)
  • “At the Snake Show,” Beyond Centauri, July 2010
  • “Microsorce,” Afterburn SF, July 2010
  • “Mummy at the Bat,” Beyond Centauri, April 2010 (cover)
  • “Microsorce,” Flashing Swords, scheduled Fall 2009 magazine closed before publication
  • “In the Belly of the Beast,” Flashing Swords, scheduled Fall 2009 magazine (magazine closed before publication, but payment received)
  • Bonesy,” New Myths, Dec 2009 (story illustration)
  • “Eternity and the Devil,” Dark Portals Anthology, Dec 2009 (cover)
  • “The Dashing Dash,” Calliope Magazine, Dec 2009
  • Dead Mass,” com(resale), Oct 2009
  • Memory of a Minefield,” Hypersonic Tales, Sep 2009
  • A Tale of Two Wizards,” Arkham Tales, Aug 2009 (cover)
  • Raiders of the Ballot Box,” Atomjack Magazine, Aug 2009
  • An Earlier Inconvenient Truth,” Hypersonic Tales, June 2009
  • Omen of the Oven,” Necrography, Spring 2009
  • “Jackpot World,” Space & Time, Spring 2009
  • “Reality Pills,” Alienskin, April/May 2009
  • Dragon Cuisine,” Aoife’s Kiss, Mar 2009 (cover)
  • “Mummy at the Bat,” Spacesuits and Sixguns, scheduled Feb 2009 magazine closed before publication
  • Defeating Death,” Weird Tales, Feb 2009
  • “Pens and Pain,” Alienskin, Feb 2009
  • “The Haunts of Albert Einstein,” On the Brighter Side, Jan 2009
  • “Dirty Socks,” Calliope Magazine, Winter 2009
  • Ghosts of Cretaceous Park,” Abyss & Apex, Second Quarter 2008
  • “Counting Sheep,” Beyond Centauri, Jan 2008 (cover)
  • “Ping-Pong Ambition,” Sporty Spec: Games of the Fantastic, Nov 2007
  • There Once Was a Cowboy,”, Nov 2007
  • “Forever Underfoot,” Afterburn SF, Sep 2007
  • “Men Sin,” Capital M, May 2006
  • “First Cat,” Twisted Cat Tales anthology, Feb 2006
  • “A Conscientious Genie in a Ping-Pong World,” Table Tennis Today, Mar/Apr 1993 (only story I wrote or sold during my 15-year-break)
  • ***Fifteen years in the wilderness writing about ping-pong, 1991-2006***
  • “Gremlin Gambits,” German Anthology (resale), Spring 1991
  • “Dead Mass,” Beyond Magazine, Issue #19, 1991
  • “Rude Awakening,” Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine, Summer 1990
  • Time to Diet,” Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine, Spring 1990 (cover)
  • “Nuts and Bolts,” Owlflight Magazine, Fall 1989
  • Gremlin Gambits,” Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine, Summer 1989 (cover)
  • Falling Apart,” Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine, Winter 1989
  • “Old Tuna,” Dark Starr Magazine, sold Mar 1989 magazine closed before publication
  • “The Fish That Roared,” Starsong Magazine, Jan 1989
  • “Horse Dreams,” Atrocity Magazine, Dec 1988
  • “Fifteen “Twitter” stories (140 characters), Thaumatrope, Dec 141827, 2008 Jan 0310, Oct. 1320, 2009, Apr 06, May 04, July 27, 2010 Tweet the Meat21, 2009 Feb. 18, Mar. 11, 2010 Nanoism, Jan. 22, 2010 Twenty20 Journal Oct. 7, 2010


  • “There Once Was a Cowboy,” 1st Place, Space Westerns Contest, Nov 2007
  • “Cowboys on a Ship,” 2nd Place, Space Westerns Senryu Contest, Aug 2008
  • “Schlock Caption,” 2nd Place, World SF Convention Caption Contest, Aug 2008
  • “Happily and Righteously,” 3rd place, Blood, Blade & Thruster Conspiracy Short Story Contest, Dec 2007
  • “Mirror My Love,” Finalist, Reading Writers Silent Characters Contest, May 2009
  • “You and We,” Finalist, Reading Writers Dynamic Dialogue Contest, Aug 2009
  • “The Awakening,” Grand Prize Winner, Garden State Horror Writers 16th Annual Short Story Competition, Nov 2010
  • ” Galactic He-Men and the Ultimate Demise of the Human Race,” Honorable Mention, Sam’s 19th Drabble Contest: Climate Change, July, 2011
  • “Rationalized,” 1st Place, Story Quest Short Story Contest, Nov 2011

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