larry1_sm2Larry Hodges is a science fiction & fantasy writer, as well as a table tennis coach and writer. (Yes, that’s a strange combination.) This is his SF & Fantasy page; here’s his table tennis page.

He’s had 13 books published, including six SF & Fantasy novels or collections:

He’s an active member of Science Fiction Writers of American with 86 short story sales, including 23 SFWA “pro” sales. His story “Leashing the Muse” was a finalist for the Washington SF Association Small Press Award for 2016. His story “The Awakening” was the unanimous grand prize winner at the 2010 Garden State Horror Writers Short Story Competition. His story “Rationalized” won the November 2011 Story Quest Competition. He’s a graduate of the six-week 2006 Odyssey Writers Workshop, the 2007 Orson Scott Card Literary Boot Camp, and the two-week 2008 Taos Toolbox Writers Workshop. In the world of non-fiction, He’s a full-time writer with eleven books and over 1700 published articles in over 150 different publications.

He has a bachelor’s in math and a master’s in journalism, both from University of Maryland. In the world of table tennis he’s a member of the USA Table Tennis Hall of Fame (as a coach and writer) and is certified as a National Coach, the highest level. He’s also a member of the USA Table Tennis Board of Directors and Chair of the USATT Coaching Committee. He coaches at the Maryland Table Tennis Center.

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