Campaign 2100 Front FinalI have two new stories that just went online on Sept. 1:

Manbat and Robin” at Galaxy’s Edge. This is the story of a bat that thinks it’s a superhero. It was inspired by an actual bat that flew in my window during a writing workshop!

A Snowball’s Chance” at New Myths. This is the story of a time-looping good witch who is out to stop a bad witch – armed with nothing but a snowball and a mind-boggling secret.

This morning I sold another story to Galaxy’s Edge, “The Electrifying Aftermath of a Demon Thrice Summoned,” the story of two presidential candidates (one of them the president) who keep summoning a demon to cause havoc on the opposing campaign, and the “electrifying” aftermath when he is summoned the third time. (The poor demon just wants peace and quiet so he can read a little Dante and Faulkner!) This is my 7th sale to Galaxy’s Edge, my 14th “pro” sale, and 70th short story sale overall. (A lot of 7s there!)

One other piece of news – my story “Leashing the Muse” is a finalist at the Washington Science Fiction Association’s Small Press Award. The winner will be announced at Capclave on Oct. 8 – I’ll be there! (I’m a panelist, and will have both reading and signing sessions.)

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