Larry’s Short Story Checklist

  1. Did you choose the right place to begin?
  2. Does the beginning draw the reader into the story?
  3. Was the right viewpoint chosen?
  4. Are the main characters well developed and interesting?
  5. Did the side characters serve their purpose?
  6. Do the characters act plausibly throughout?
  7. Is the plot logical, interesting and original?
  8. Is there conflict and tension in the story?
  9. If it’s a humorous piece, does the humor come off naturally or forced?
  10. Is the science or magic in the story consistent and plausible?
  11. Is the dialogue natural, interesting, and does it move the story along?
  12. Does every word move the story along or add to it in some fashion?
  13. Is the tone proper for the story, and is it consistent?
  14. Are the settings vivid and interesting?
  15. Is there too much exposition?
  16. Are there places where things are told that could be better dramatized?
  17. Is the theme coming through strongly?
  18. Is the ending strong and memorable, does it wrap up the story, and does it end at the end?
  19. Has every sentence been checked to make sure it’s the best possible wording, with active verbs, few adverbs, etc.?
  20. Is the title memorable and fit the story?

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