Lunacon2016-autograph-session-smI’ll be at the Capclave Science Fiction Convention on Friday and Saturday. I’m on three panels, two author signings, a reading, plus I’m one of the nine finalists for the Washington SF Association’s annual Small Press Award for Short Fiction. As you can see, I’m going to have a very busy Saturday. Hope to see all of you there! (Picture on right is from my author signing in March at the Lunacon SF Convention in Rye Brook, NY.)

6:30 pm: Reading, Seneca Room
Larry Hodges Reading (Ends at 6:55 pm)

1:00 pm: Humor in Science Fiction & Fantasy, Salon A
When is it good to have a laugh? An exploration of not only humorous books, but putting humorous elements in a dramatic story. Panelists: Doc Coleman (M), William Freedman, Larry Hodges, Alex Shvartsman, Jean Marie Ward

2:00 pm: The Care and Feeding of Critique Groups, Bethesda Room
Participating in a critique group can be a great way to improve your writing. Not all such groups work out well, though. The panel will discuss ways to keep a critique group helpful, vibrant, and long-lived. Panelists: Jeanne Adams, Deidre Dykes, Carolyn Ives Gilman, Larry Hodges, Gayle Surrette (M)

4:00 pm: Politics in Science Fiction & Fantasy, Rockville/ Potomac Room
If you have a civilization, you have politics. A discussion on the types of politics used in science fiction and fantasy, looking at why certain types seem to appear in certain genres. Panelists: Anthony Dobranski, Larry Hodges, Karen Wester Newton (M), Ian Randal Strock, David Walton

5:00 pm: Author Table, Author Hallway Table
Larry Hodges (Ends at 5:25 pm)

7:30 pm: Mass Autograph Session, Salon A
Saturday evening mass autographing session. (Ends at 8:25 pm)

8:30 pm: WSFA Small Press Award, Salon A
The WSFA Small Press Award winner will be announced. The Guest of Honor Gifts will also be presented. (Ends at 9:55 pm). Presenter: Steve Stiles


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