C2100-vanilla-cover-smMy novel, “Campaign 2100: Game of Scorpions,” will be released by World Weaver Press on Tuesday, Jan. 26, one week from today! (And no, the image to the left is not the actual cover – see the “Final Cover To Come” note, and note below.)

The novel covers the election for president of Earth in the year 2100. It’s “West Wing meets the 22nd Century.” It features a third-party moderate challenge to the reigning conservative and liberal parties – some may read it as a Moderate Manifesto. There’s also an alien ambassador observing, so readers learn our future politics and history as he does.

Here’s the updated back cover text:

The year is 2100, and when it comes to the planet-wide presidential election, the father-daughter team of Toby and Lara Platt are the cutthroat campaign directors who get candidates elected by any means necessary—including the current president of Earth, the Frenchman Corbin Dubois. But when an alien ambassador lands outside the United Nations, Dubois goes to war with her. In protest, Toby resigns.

When Lara takes over the campaign, Toby vows to put his daughter out of a job. He challenges the two major parties—one conservative, one liberal—and runs for president himself with a third-party moderate challenge.

Amid rising tensions and chants of “Alien go home!” the campaign trail crisscrosses continents as father and daughter battle for electoral votes and clash over ideas and issues facing the world of 2100 in this bare-knuckle, fight-to-the-finish political campaign. The world is watching. And so is the alien.

Now you are probably wondering about the cover. You can see the “current” cover over at Goodreads (and above). As you can see, it says, “Final Cover to Come.” And, here’s where things get mysterious. For top-secret reasons – TOP SECRET!!! – I can’t show the cover to you now. Why can’t I show you? Hah, you’ll just have to wait for the unveiling for the explanation! So let the buzz begin – what is on the cover of Campaign 2100??? What is so secret about it that Larry can’t show it to us? Will this truly be the greatest book cover ever, as rumored? Stay tuned as we live out this clandestine drama that, 77 years ago, Winston Churchill (who is quoted in the novel) described as a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. (Or was that Russia? Which goes to war with China and Japan during the novel?)

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